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Uganda is one of the only three countries in the world to be home both to mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. But that's not all, Uganda is host to a total of 24 different species of primates, making it one of the most attractive destinations for primates. Come and meet them!

Mountain Gorillas

With only around 1000 individuals left worldwide, half of which are in Uganda, mountain gorillas (gorilla beringei beringei) are declared critically endangered since 1996 but are the only great ape whose population is currently growing, largely thanks to tourism that provides funding for the conservation of their habitat.




Home to over 1400 chimpanzees and 12 other primate species, Kibale Forest has the highest density of primates in the world.

Walk in Jane Goodall's footsteps and meet our strange and fascinating cousins!

If you are up for it, our travel agency can even organize for you to spend the whole day with the chimps and the researchers trying to habituate them to human presence.

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