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Vacations are also about being lazy... and you will see Uganda is the perfect place for that!

Just bring your sunglasses and let our travel agency do the rest...

Lake Victoria Islands

Lake Victoria is full of beautiful islands where you can rest and enjoy the amazing Ugandan sunshine. Whether in the Ssese Islands or on the charming little island of Bulago, there is no shortage of paradisiac havens of peace in Uganda. 

How about a candlelit dinner on the beach? Or an afternoon of sunbathing by the pool? If you can't choose, do both!


Lake Mutanda


Lake Mutanda is certainly one of the most spectacular places in Uganda thanks to its breathtaking view of the Virunga volcanoes, but it is also an oasis of peace where it is good to rest while watching the sun go down. You will enjoy splendid canoe rides, magnificent hikes, or simply swimming in the lake while admiring the view.

Lake Bunyonyi

The literal translation of Bunyonyi is "the place of the little birds", and it is certain that the lake bears its name well. It is also common to see otters in the lake, let's hope you have this chance! 
Spend a few days resting on one of the 29 islands of the lake and take the time to explore the surroundings by canoe, or simply take out a great book and enjoy the scenery... Lake Bunyonyi is the perfect place to be lazy.

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